Welcome to Volvo ce operatOrs club NZ


The NZ Volvo CE Operators Club is an exclusive club which is intended for all operators of Volvo construction machinery in New Zealand.

Members will receive a FREE Operators Club baseball cap, travel mug and key ring upon joining.

If you have a membership card, the reverse of the card displays a unique code to enter into the application form on this page. If you do not have a card please just leave this blank and we will issue you a membership card and number upon receipt of your application.

You will also be able to join The Volvo CE NZ Operators Club Facebook group where will then be able to share updates, photos and videos with other Operators Club members.

TransDiesel reserve the right to refuse membership at their discretion







  • Open to all operators / owner operators of Volvo Construction Equipment

  • Members will be invited to join The Volvo CE NZ Operators Club Facebook group where you can share tips, insights, photos, video etc with other operators
  • All members will be issued with a welcome gift pack.
  • All members will enjoy exclusive promotions, offers and competitions with great prizes.
  • Enjoy 10% off all Volvo merchandise
  • Access to exclusive operator’s club merchandise
  • Invitations to events

Membership is free! To join simply fill in the form on this page.