High-power excavator attachMents

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new series of hydraulic breakers for 1.5 to 70-tonne excavators is now available in New Zealand.

Durable, powerful, and easy to install, Volvo rock breakers are the ideal partner for the toughest jobs in the mining, quarrying, demolition, construction & utility segments.

Hydraulic Rock Breakers are well matched to any excavator and are available for compact, medium and large excavators

See the Volvo rock breaker at work:




  • This excavator attachment is packaged to include hydraulic hoses, hydraulic breaker, breaker bracket and tools.
  • Anti-blank firing prevents the rock breaker from striking once the material has been fully penetrated.
  • The two-speed control offers flexibility for every application. Choose the best frequency for the application.
  • The large capacity accumulator safeguards both the breaker and the machine’s hydraulic systems against potential pressure spikes, and increases power impact by recycling the piston’s energy.
  • Optional Auto-lube system removes the need for manual greasing. Volvo CE offers an extensive range of high quality tools made from high tensile steel to suit every application.
  • Volvo CE warranty guarantees customers piece of mind.

A full range of spare parts and work tools is available through the extensive Volvo parts network.

HB-Series breakers come with Volvo CE warranty and are backed by TransDiesels extensive parts & service network, providing peace of mind.

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